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Dental Insurance

Studies show there is a link between good oral hygiene and a person’s overall health. The cost of dental treatment has escalated, making it difficult for many to pay for extensive dental treatment. As a result, it has become increasingly more valuable for employers to offer and employees to enroll in dental benefits.

The Iowa Bankers Benefit Plan (IBBP) has a long history of providing cost-effective dental insurance benefits to the employees of participating employers and their dependents. Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc. manages all the administrative functions for the dental plan, including customer service. IBIS contracts with Delta Dental of Iowa for provider service contracting and claims processing.

Delta Dental Provider Network

The IBBP offers three Delta Dental plans using an extensive provider network with a broad range of coverage and various co-payment amounts, deductible levels and premiums. The dental plans are designed to help contain dental costs by encouraging preventive care.

features of Delta Dental’s Premier Dental Plan:

The key component of the Delta Dental Premier and PPO program is its panel of participating dentists. Members can receive care from almost any dentist they wish, but there are advantages when they receive services from Delta Dental dentists. How much members pay for covered services depends on the benefit category of the service received and the dentist from which services are received. It is usually to the member’s financial advantage to receive services from a Delta Dental dentist.

More than 90% of Iowa’s dentists — and three out of four dentists nationwide — are Delta Dental participants. These participating dentists agree to accept the allowed amount as payment in full for covered services once deductibles and coinsurance amounts are met and will file members’ claims. A full list of network providers is provided at Delta Dental of Iowa.

All three Delta Dental plans offered through the IBBP include Delta Dental’s Enhanced Benefits Program. The Enhanced Benefits Program links medical conditions and oral health by offering additional dental benefits to members with the following medical conditions:

  • Cancer-related chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Diabetes
  • High-risk cardiac conditions
  • Kidney failure or dialysis
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Suppressed immune systems

To receive the additional dental benefits, members must enroll in the Enhanced Benefits Program by logging in through the Subscriber Connection on the Delta Dental of Iowa website or their dentist can enroll them in the program.

As an added benefit of Delta Dental coverage, participants receive a hearing discount through the EyeMed Program.

Delta Dental Hearing Discount Plan

If you are covered under the Delta Dental Plan, you are eligible for hearing discount benefits. Discounts are available on hearing exams and hearing devices, and other benefits include up to one year of free follow-up care, free batteries for two years and a three-year warranty for loss, repairs or damage.

To learn more, review the DeltaVision hearing discount brochure or call 866-925-1698 to talk to a patient care advocate for additional details.

Forms, Resources and Questions

  • If you’re enrolled in dental insurance through the IBBP, you can access the summary plan description for your insurance coverage, as well as related forms and other resources, by logging into the IBIS Group Benefits Portal.
  • If you have questions about dental insurance coverage through the IBBP, contact your IBIS territory representative at their direct number or email address, or contact IBIS Customer Service at (800) 258-1415 or