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125 Plan Flex Spending

With Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc., employers can simplify the administration of their flexible spending account (FSA) by integrating it with the Iowa Bankers Benefit Plan. Save your employees time and paperwork and increase their take-home pay by lowering their taxes. Employers will save money by reducing their FICA tax. An FSA allows employees to pay medical, dental and vision expenses; child and dependent care costs; and group health and other qualified insurance premiums with tax-free dollars. An FSA is also known as a cafeteria, flex or 125 plan. Section 125 is part of the tax code that allows employees to set aside dollars to pay for qualified expenses tax-free.

With the IBIS 125 Advantage Plan, you can customize your flexible spending accounts to offer one or all four of the flexible spending accounts: Premium Account, Medical Flex Spending Account, Limited Flexible Spending Account and/or Dependent Care Assistance Program.

Forms, Resources and Questions

If you provide your employees with the IBIS 125 Advantage Plan or you are an employee with the IBIS 125 Advantage Plan, you can access related forms and other resources by logging into the IBIS Group Benefits Portal.

If you would like to learn the advantages of the IBIS 125 Advantage Plan that set us apart from other 125 plan vendors, please contact your IBIS territory representative at their direct number or email address, or contact IBIS Customer Service at (800) 258-1415 or