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Retiree Plans

Retiree Plans

Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services (IBIS) understands an employer's desire to offer its loyal employees and their families a benefit plan following retirement. IBIS offers different retiree plans based on the employee’s age when the employee retirees.

Employees Retiring Age 60 through 64 and Spouses

Retiree Health Plan Design

The Retiree Health Plan is a $4,500/9,000 deductible plan with a $6,350/12,700 out of pocket maximum. The premiums are rated separately from the premiums for active employees. A retiree may continue on the Retiree Health Plan until the first day of the month of his or her 65th birthday.

Dental Plan Design

The Retiree Dental Plan is Dental Plan II, and the premium is the same as the premium for active employees. A retiree may continue on the Retiree Dental Plan past his or her 65th birthday.

Vision Plan Design

The Retiree Vision Plan coverage and premium are the same as the coverage and premium for active employees. A retiree may continue on the Retiree Vision Plan past his or her 65th birthday.

Employees Retiring at Age 65 or Older and Spouses Age 65 or Older

Health and Prescription Options

Employees retiring at age 65 or older are eligible for Medicare plans. IBIS offers retirees Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D plans. The administration and premium billing for these plans are separate from the Iowa Bankers Benefit Plan and the monthly employer billing statement.

Retirees may enroll in the Medicare plan of their choice. The benefit options will vary depending on if the retiree has a spouse and the age of the spouse.

  • Click here to go to the Medicare Costs at Glance page of the Medicare website at
  • Click here to go to Medicare Matters, a resource from Wellmark. Whether you're new to Medicare or want a refresher, this guide can help you understand the costs, benefits, and choices offered by the country's largest health insurance program.
  • Click here to go to the IBBP Retiree Guide, which provides information about benefit options for retiring employees.

Please contact IBIS at (800) 258-1415 for more information about the retiree health and dental plans. 

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