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Our insurance agency was incorporated in 1971 as Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc. (IBIS), and one share of stock was issued to each of the 670+ banks that were in operation at the time. The IBA paid the capitalization cost and, in effect, bought the one share of stock for each of the member banks. Currently IBIS is the only market for IBIS stock. The stock is redeemed at $10 per share par value.



IBIS is organized into divisions categorized by insurance types and functions within the full line insurance agency. These include administration, property and casualty, life, health and annuities.


The IBIS subsidiaries include Iowa-Midwest Insurance Co., the captive credit life company domiciled in Arizona. A parent corporation owns the controlling interest; in this case IBIS, and then individual participating series are purchased and operated as if each series were a separate company so that in effect the bank can own its own captive company for a limited front end investment. The bank or group of banks should have a minimum of $50,000 to $100,000 in credit life premiums annually to consider participation in the captive. Sub series have now been developed and allows smaller premium amounts to participate.

Mid America Banking Insurance Services, Inc. (MABIS) is another subsidiary, which provides insurance programs to banks outside of Iowa and operates on the same principle as IBIS. The areas that are currently being covered are Illinois and Minnesota.

In 1988, IBIS acquired 80 percent of the Community Bankers Insurance Agency (CBIA), an insurance agency writing insurance for bank customers and bank insurance agencies. The remaining 20 percent was purchased in December 1992. CBIA now operates as Agency Services, a division of Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc.

IBIS also administers a 501(c)9 employee benefit trust, Iowa Bankers Benefit Plan. Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield administers health claims, for the trust. Delta Dental Plan of Iowa administers dental claims. IBBP operates on a self-insured basis utilizing a trust reserve to assure participants there would be enough funds available to pay claims after termination of the program. The trust fund currently satisfies all actuary recommended standards.

In December 1994, the IBIS Board authorized the IBIS sales staff to offer its products and services to all FDIC-insured financial institutions at the same price these products and services are offered to stockholders.

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Mid America Banking Insurance Services, Inc., a subsidiary of IBIS, provides insurance programs to banks outside of Iowa. 

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Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corp. (IBMC) offers the products & experience Iowa banks need in the secondary mortgage market.

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The Iowa Bankers Association (IBA) is dedicated to serving Iowa banks and their employees.

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